Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hubby Birthday

Today is Hubby Birthday :) and now i am waiting for him back from office. Initially we dont have any plan for the celebration; but tonite we will be going to his parents home. Maybe on the way to his parents house, we stop for a dinner. Haha, how terrible i am =P

Thats why I am postponing my tuition class today; just to be with him ; in order to make he feels comfortable and being appreciated where on the special day; his wife is always stand beside him. Not as usual; always stays at home alone :(

I am surfing the best place to celebrate now! Pray for me to get the great ideas :))


zarin said...

happy b'day to ur hubs!
so celebrate kat mana?heee...menyibuknya i ni kan

+a.z.i.e+ said...

Celebrate kat restaurant biasa biasa jerk.. hehe, lagipun takde apa apa planning towards this event :)so, semuanya terabur.. Kat KL banyak pilihan restaurant.. kat JB macam kurang sket