Monday, April 20, 2009

Whut the heck of this???

I am being a very stressful lady rite now and really confused on what had happened to me for the last few days.. After found that I was badly bleeding, we went to HSI around 4.45 am.. We pit stop at Emergency Room and stayed there for almost 30 minutes, then my name had been calling for check up.
They brought me to Scan Room and met a very very young doctor with sour face. She asked me a lot of questions and she started to do the ultrasound.. Auch! Very rough and no diplomatic manners when attend patient. Sakit,oke! Mcm nak mati! She done it in 10 minutes and without doing D&C - and now I am suffering with this non-stop pain and bad headache!
Nevertheless, the doctor was not giving me any MC during the ultrasound session and I had to wait for her for almost 1 1/2 hour; just only to get 2 days MC from her. Whut a bloodyfool!! Takkan ah orang miscarriage cuti 2hari?? bangak betul lah!
I really disappointed with her attitude and when I went to the pharmacy for collecting medicine.. my pills has been hold due to no instruction form the doctor - as she was away for meeting!! Hidup ku huru hara!!!!
Sakitnya sekarang neh hanya Tuhan sahaja yang tahu..
Sabar dan mungkin ini semua ada hikmah disebaliknya.. and I have made an appointment with Dr.Mdm Lim at JSH for D&C.. :(


Azie said...

Biasalah kan...kita pon dulu gitu layanan ok jer :)p HSI gak..dpt mc 3 hari ..naik keja pale senoneng pas tu bleeding bnyk2 check up blk bg mc 3 hr lagi haru sggh ler..sabooo jelah :)

+a.z.i.e+ said...

Itulah, Kak Azie. Kita rasa masa kita masuk tuh, mereka semua tgh excited nak tukar shift. sebab dah nak masuk shift pagi, jadik yang shift malam dah tak boleh concentrate kerja. Huhu, ini pun td gi JSH, refer gynae sana. Dpt MC 16 hari.. kena berehat.. rehatkan badan & fikiran :D