Sunday, November 30, 2008

today is Sunday - time to sleep relax sleep relax

huhu. today is Sunday which suppose be my cooking day. But, since yesterday just back from a tiring trip to Singapore, I felt no mood to cook. Nevertheless, i woke up late this morning and might be the market also has been closed at the time i woke up. Huh, so no masak masak.. just plan whut to eat for lunch.. at last, hubby, my family and I went to Rahmat Kg Pasir Putih and having a very yummy seabass fried with kampung dishes.. heaven! Due to overload seabass, fried chicken and dessert (ice cream).. until now me and hubby feel very the very sleepy... more than 3 times.. i took a nap.. from the beginning AF 3 concert till end up of Diari Akademi Fantasia.. huiyoo.. sleepy nya..

To make my eyes keep on open up, upload lah some pics taken during Singapore trip to yesterday... Not so much pics, due to sore eyes and hethic journey starting from Checkpoint till Sentosa Island.. no mood loh ..

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