Monday, August 8, 2011

3rd Anniversary @ Kapten Grill & Steamboat, Johor Bahru

 Muka budak buat bisnes tengah makan

Ada Jepun Dining Concept
Dah habis makan, boleh cermin diri tengok gemuk tak? haha

Amanda tengah usha kawan..
Daddy tengah tunjuk Amanda main game

Non stop exploring.. bila dah boring, dia jatuhkan mainan tuh ke bawah

Kena marah dengan Daddy.. sebab jatuhkan mainan berulang kali dengan sengaja.. hahaha
The grill...

Husband choice

Masukkan bahan2 yer, Puan2

 The superb ..

 Waiting the best to eat!

Kapten Grill & Steamboat @ 1st Floor
The dining concept
Ada Playground utk children  

Actually the 3rd Anniversary is today, but we celebrated 1 day earlier as yesterday was weekend, so we had much time to spend together.

I really wanted to go here after few recommendation from my friends and my husband had done the reservation :)

We went there around sixish and arrived there after half an hour journey. The place so nice and both of us like it very much. All the utensils were from Ikea and the dining concept is modern :)

We had an awesome dinner and not even that, my husband was helping them fixing the wifi :)

Amanda behave at the first hour and turned to ek ek ek after that. She was sleepy at one time and keep on yelling.

Anyway, I enjoy the dinner and to hubby, thanks for the dinner.

I love you so much :)

Sorry gambar hentam keromo.. memula update pakai bb, at last pakai desktop. Haha

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Qas Firdaus said...

ohhh sini ye tempat ko cakap itu hari?

anyway, happy anniversary. :D

+a.z.i.e+ said...

Hehe, thank you!
Semalam aku pergi Lotus Desaru. not bad Buffet Ramadhan dia. Makan tepi laut :)

Cik Nad said...

azieeeeeeeeeeeeeee... ayieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..

finally jumpa kamu dua org...