Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Makan Makan Lagi

My boss being promoted to Group Finance Manager and she decided to give us a lunch treat. She shared with one of our boss, who also being promoted to General Manager Malaysia Operation.

So, both of them requested me to organize the lunch as well. I have ordered Nasi Arab, Kuzi Mutton, Prawn Sambal, Acar, Fried Chicken, Laksa Johor, Roti Jala, Chicken Curry, Fruits, Assorted Kuih Muih, & Bandung Soda for 80 persons.

I able to capture few pictures as I was shivering after that because of lambat makan. Ahaks!

Hopefully tahun depan sapa yang naik pangkat, boleh ah belanja lagi. Haha, pangkat besar lah.. kalau pangkat kecik, di maafkan =P

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