Thursday, March 18, 2010

Weekends yang ditunggu - tunggu

I really waiting for this coming weekend.. and finally, we reach the final line..!!


I have a lot of things need to be done this weekend and starting tomorrow my schedule will be very pack pack and pack.

I have to fetch Gold & Rahim at Larkin Bus Station this morning around 5.00 am and then, 7.30 am have to fetch Kak Dewi for cleaning our home sweet home.

While she's cleaning the house.. my husband and I have an appointment with Dr Laila at Puteri Specialist Hospital.


Cant wait to know the next progress ;)

Hope everything is okay and Jieja will fetch Gold & Rahim from us at Puteri. Maybe before stop at Puteri, we will be having our superb breakfast.

After appointment settle, I want to go Judy Florist at Taman Seri Tebrau. Order Fruit Basket with fresh flower for Jieja & Afzan, as they will get engage on this coming Saturday.

My husband wants to go to Jusco and buy some fruits for Jieja's fruit basket as he likes strawberries :)

Friday night, lepaking at Jieja's house and before go back home, I want to pit stop at Bazar Karat and search hunting tudung as I want to wear it during Jieja's Engangement Day..

Saturday - Jieja's Engangement Day

Sunday - Picnic BBQ


Hope whatever we plan will turn well.



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