Monday, February 1, 2010

Adam & Dania Birthday

Last Monday, we celebrated Adam & Dania Birthday at Rawa Restaurant, Taman Gaya, JB. A 2nd branch of Rawa Taman Pelangi. We had steamboat, BBQ and a Ben-10 cake; special for the kiddos.

Before the party started, arrival of the guest of honor ;)

The birthday kiddos - Adam & Dania..

Adam - 25th January 2006

Dania - 26th January 2009

Kok mata nya pejam pulak!!

The Ben-10 Cake

Cutting cake ceremony

This sweetie girl aimed the pinky chocolate

A happy family :)

The BBQ started ..

The steamboat boiling :)

Afiq & Azie

Angah Puan asked something ..

Everybody is enjoying the food ..