Sunday, July 26, 2009

Al Fatihah buat Yasmin Ahmad - My Idol :(

Just came back from Rawa Restaurant after having dinner with Jieja, Gold, Rahim, Afzan and hubby. We ordered too much and the most important thing - every dish licin! Hehe, tak rugi and we also suprised with the price! Can be rated as average.

We ordered : Tom Yam Steamboat, Crab Black Pepper, Lala Mongolian, Lemon Chicken Large, Kangkung Goreng Belacan, Char Keuy Vege, 5 bowl of rice and Chinese Tea.. only RM 148. Wah, kenyang nya sampai sekarang - Alhamdulillah.

Whut I want to write here, actually I am so shock with the latest news of Yasmin Ahmad. She had passed away 11.25 pm just now at Damansara Specialist Hospital. Al Fatihah!

I will miss her film! Since the day she collapsed at Sri Pentas, every day I will surf for her latest condition. I tried google every source of news and the latest one, before I left for dinner just now. I read on Berita Harian where her BIL - claimed that her condition being so upset/terrible. I pray for her :( But, the times has come and may rest in peace, Yasmin Ahmad.

Her mother was my mum lecturer :) and its not easy to accept this sudden news especially for her parents - Mak Inom and Pak Ahmad. Hope both of them will be so strong to go thru the tough experience like this.

My mother will miss her film too and we never miss her film - the only film we never been watch is Mualaf. Hope 1 day, I'll be able to watch it.

Makin muram lah dunia seni tanah air kita. Hilang nya seorang pengarah filem yang berkaliber and pandainya dia mengolah sesuatu filem itu tersurat dan tersirat.

Apa yang pasti, selepas neh iklan Petronas sempena Raya, Deepavali & Ging Xi Fa Cai tiada lagi ilham dr Yasmin Ahmad.

Saya sayang kamu as a mother, Yasmin Ahmad.

*rasa mahu menangis di pagi ini*

Al - Fatihah~

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