Sunday, December 14, 2008


Me and hubby have planning something for this coming long holiday. Might be my family would also be involved in this trip. We are planning to Lost World of Tambun, Ipoh. Just for fun and now i'm busy thinking and plan the trip.

We suppose to arrive at Ipoh on the 24th Dec 08, but my hubby got training course at KL on 23rd Dec08. So, now my mind kept puzzle how to arrange the trip.

Plan A, we shall drop by at KL on the 23rd Dec 08 while waiting the course ended at 6 pm. Then, headed to Ipoh and stay at any hotel.

Plan B, my hubby have to go back to JB on the 23rd evening and the same night, we are heading to Muar and stay 1 nite at my grandparents house. So, the next morning we will be going to Ipoh.

So.. now i try my best to plan the trip well and avoid any of our valuable driver loss of energy. For me, Plan A should be the best. Hehehe...

To those who have been in Lost World of Tambun before, please drop your comment or suggestion for my guideline... such as where the best place to stay? where the best food should i taste? and how bout pasar karat?

hehe do drop your comment~

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