Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Lately my husband being so busy.. i damnly missed him so much..

Hari neh birthday Rachel.. tp semua orang terlupa nak buat cake arrangement.. dah pukul 5.05pm baru lah perasan.. and aku pun memang x ingat langsung yg today is Rachel's birthday.. hehe abyway, we succesfully celebrated birthday dia with a cake.. laju tahap cipan g beli.. even dia pun x perasan yg actually kami semua terlupa.. hehe mesti si Rachel so excited nak celebrate dengan Lau Kong dia buat pertama kali.. hehe candle light dinner seyy.. congrats, Rachel..

Today so boring kat tempat kerja. Semua dah settle, cuma tinggal buat report after every section dah close their part.. lambatnya nak nunggu.. aku dah x sabar nak settle kan kerja neh..

I always plan my self earlier 1 step from everybody.. even, bila bermulanya sesuatu bulan.. let say November.. I have my planning already.. When, where and whut sud i do? everything... sebab x suka last minute plan.. eventough selalunya buat last minute decision.. for this november, my schedule will be not so pack..

Next weekend, there will be stock take in Niro.. and for sure I'll be stock-up at NTB Molek.. every year.. since starting working in Niro.. from Priscillia single and kawen.. and me single and dah kawen and now staying molek.. every year my position place must be in molek..

I have to attend my aunt's wedding reception in S'pore this end of November.. and suppose to work but changed already with my assistant, Kak Yam.. everything is well prepared and hope going smoothly..

And now.. my mind so hecthic to go for holiday with my husband... crazy thinking.. whether domestic or overseas?? hehe, tapi my leave balance is ZERO.. tape weekend ader..


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